Dowdy Electric, Co. performs a Ten-Point inspection of your generator each time we service your equipment.

  1. Adjust, clean and/or replace spark plugs.
  2. Change engine oil when necessary.
  3. Inspect oil filter & replace if necessary.
  4. Service battery(s),  clean and grease posts.  Recharge if needed.
  5. Clean & refill air cleaner (oil bath type) or remove dust (dry type).  Replace if needed.
  6. Check entire unit for fuel, oil and water leakage.
  7. Remove all carbon & dust deposits from generator.
  8. Conduct safety shut-down check (under load where practical) to:
    • check voltage
    • trickle charger
    • check instruments
    • adjust carburetor/governor
  9. Automatic Transfer Switch-Check
    • contacts
    • trickle charger
  10. Submit inspection report to owner advising further parts and/or work required.