Space Heater Safety

Cold weather is here! Don’t take chances by using space heaters in an unsafe manner. Supplemental heat may be necessary this winter, so here are some tips to make sure you and your family stay warm (and safe).

Things to consider when choosing a space heater.

  • Purchase newer model heaters that have all of the current safety features.
  • Use a thermostatically controlled heater to avoid wasting energy and overheating a room.
  • Choose the proper size for the room you wish to heat. Oversized heaters don’t mean better.
  • Put the heater on a level surface away from foot traffic. Preferably in the center of the room away from combustible items like curtains and furniture.
  • Try to avoid using an extension cord. If you have to, choose a short one at least 14 gauge.
  • Always unplug heaters when not in use.

A lot of space heaters draw a large amount of electrical current. It is preferable to plug the heater into a dedicated circuit to avoid electrical overload. Dowdy Electric can help with this. If you need an electrician to run a dedicated circuit contact Dowdy today.