Kohler Generators

Who needs a standby generator? Everyone!

Every home owner knows the risk of a power failure. The most obvious being your perishables and sump pumps. The last thing you need during a power failure is spoiled food and a flooded basement or crawl space. The peace of mind of having those things covered, are well worth the investment of a home backup generator. Then there are the other perks, like being able to use your electronic devices and keeping your phone charged. We all rely on our phones and the internet for everything, why be without it during a power failure.

Dowdy Electric can provide you a no obligation estimate on a Kohler or Generac standby generator for your home or office. Contact us today!

Kohler Zero Emissions enCUBE Generator

Without question, we live in a plugged-in society, so the demand for sustainable and reliable portable power is only going to grow. The enCube Generator is an ideal alternative to popular 2000 watt engine-driven generators. It has a comparable price, but no noise, gasoline, emissions, or maintenance. The enCUBE provides 1400 watts of continuous power and can surge up to 3600 watts for 3 milliseconds or 1800 watts for 10 minutes. It has multiple outlets and a pair of USB ports for smaller electronics. The enCUBE can be charged with a standard 120V AC wall outlet or any solar panel.

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Generator Maintenance

It’s storming. Are you prepared?

The risk of losing power in a summer storm is high. So, why take the chance? Dowdy Electric offer both Generac and Kohler generator and we can help you choose the standby generator that’s right for you.

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Kohler Generators

Generators, never be without power again !

Never be without power again. Call today for your FREE estimate on a KOHLER or Generac fully automatic standby generator, power up the basic critical circuits, i.e. heat, lights, refrigerator or the whole house. Units run on natural or LP gas, no messy gasoline cans or extension cords to run. Units have 5 year parts and 2 years labor warranty, we provide factory warranty service. Units are extremely quiet and have a lifespan of 30 years. Units can be disconnected and relocated when you move. Dowdy also provides regular maintenance to keep your unit running perfect. Look into the KOHLER advantage, Kohler generators provide advanced voltage and frequency regulation along with ultra-low levels  of harmonic distortion for excellent generator power quality to protect your valuable electronics. Kohler is known for extraordinary reliability and performance and backs that up with a 5 year or 2,000 hour limited warranty. Bold new Kohler design with Exclusive Powerboost technology providing excellent starting power. The Kohler 8 kW can easily start and run a 4 ton air conditioner.   Call today and we can install unit in one day. Forty one years in business, licensed, bonded and insured. BBB complaint FREE and winner of Angie’s List Super Service Award 20 years in a row.

Units starting as low as $ 3,995.00 installed.


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