Don’t Let Your Smoke Detector Fail You

Did you know smoke detectors expire? Most people probably don’t even think about it. It’s just there, doing it’s job. But the fact is, batteries can die, or the smoke detector can reach it’s shelf life limit. All smoke detectors expire 10 years from the manufactured date, which is on each unit. Dowdy Electric can replace one smoke detector or all of them in one fair swoop. The minimal cost of replacing a smoke detector is much cheaper than the cost of your families safety. Contact us to see if it’s time to replace yours.

Kohler Zero Emissions enCUBE Generator

Without question, we live in a plugged-in society, so the demand for sustainable and reliable portable power is only going to grow. The enCube Generator is an ideal alternative to popular 2000 watt engine-driven generators. It has a comparable price, but no noise, gasoline, emissions, or maintenance. The enCUBE provides 1400 watts of continuous power and can surge up to 3600 watts for 3 milliseconds or 1800 watts for 10 minutes. It has multiple outlets and a pair of USB ports for smaller electronics. The enCUBE can be charged with a standard 120V AC wall outlet or any solar panel.

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