Electrical Safety

Your electrical system needs service too !  Most electrical repairs could be avoided if your system has regular checkups. Call Dowdy today for your inspection, we will inspect your breaker panel(s) and restore all connections in panel(s). ALL smoke detectors expire 10 years from date of manufacture, we will check all of your smoke detectors too !   Don’t wait, call today for your inspection.  Bruce N. “Bud” Dowdy-Owner

Air Conditioner clean and check

Beware of the $ 49.00 Air Conditioner Spring/Summer special clean and check !!  This is simply a way to get the phone to ring at your local Heating & Air Co. office.   A true clean and check takes about 2-3 hours and cost as much as $ 250.00, if they are actually performing a 23 point clean and check. Most larger and some smaller companies are merely using this low advertised price to come to your home with a goal of selling you something. If you still insist on purchasing one of these misleading “clean & checks” I suggest you actually watch the service tech, make sure that they connect the gauges to the system and truly check it out, you would find that connecting the gauges and performing just that part takes at least an hour, and then some.

In summary, you won’t get a real clean and check for $ 49.00,  try researching this fact for your self on the internet and you will see that the $ 49.00 clean and check is really a scam.


B. N. Dowdy

Electrician with the best service !

Dowdy Electric, Co. will arrive at your job on time and provide a beautiful job, Done Right the First time, with our Up Front Flat Rate pricing you will know the full cost of the job before we began.  We will install your product (fans-lights-range tops-dryer circuits) or we will provide all the materials,  no job too small or too large. Call NOW for service today  !

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Ask about our KOHLER automatic standby Natural or LP gas generator, Never be without power  again !!!